Domain Registration


At Akash InfoTech we provide you your domain name registration service that gives you the largest part for your money. In addition to we also offer great service to our customers every single day. Our domain name registration packages offer more features and development than any other domain provider on the market.

If you would like to register a new domain name for your leading company, first send us an email to with your respective domain name we will search the desire domain name is available or not if you ensure that your domain name is available means once you have confirmed that name and register your domain.

You are in the course of action of registering a domain name then you might want to consider with leading Akash InfoTech Company that has been acknowledged registrar. All the operative steps of domain registration are the process by which a leading company or an individual can secure a website domain.

Just at once when you register your domain the period of domain registration validity is approximately of one year after completing one year you have to renewal before expires. Once upon a time after you get registered your domain with Akash InfoTech after few hours only each and every one can able to see your domain online. Until this time your domain will be what is known as ‘parked’ and it will be labeled as being under construction.

This provides you time in order to produce and construct all of the content that you want to place on your site then when you are ready to supply the content you will have to get a web server to host the domain. We also enable you hosting services and also transfer your domain to another web hosting company.