Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

“There are no secrets to Success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

Akash Infotech strongly believes in the above quote by Mr. Colin Powell.

It took years for us to reach to a level where our prospects build up a strong long term relationship which is based on the trust, they have on us. And, this is the only reason for which we are now considered to be one of the most leading IT solutions provider in India.

For us, our clients are our family members and we leave no stone unturned to make sure they receive much more than what we offer as IT services or solutions.

We proudly say – “At AI, everything falls alright” and this is all because of our infrastructure and resources.

Let’s have a look at the AI Infrastructure that supports our planning, preparations, hard work and experiences (good and bad):

Our Valuable Assets

All the people that contributes their knowledge, skills, talent and experience for the betterment of the company plans, goals and projects, are considered as the Valuable Assets at Akash Infotech.

Each and every member at Akash Infotech works as a team who has their vision and mission crystal clear and are dedicated towards providing quality products and services. After all, quality matters a lot at AI.

Akash Infotech takes care of their employees, their requirements and their emotions so that they stay highly motivated to work even on complex projects.

Latest Technologies:

We know how important is to stay updated with the latest technologies as this world is all about NEW things.

Akash Infotech has been serving to various industries like banking, railways, etc. and we believe that no industry requires similar technologies. From software to hardware, communication channels, network and security and lastly, security and the file management, we make sure our clients are served with latest technologies with the minimal cost compared to most of the other corporates.

Most of the crucial part in any industry is the part of Data Leakage. But at AI, we would advise you to rest assured as our offices are highly secured with CCTV cameras. And, no pen drives are allowed in the office premises and also, no pen drive access in our systems  which ensures the strong security of your data.

Also, regular backups are scheduled for data recovery at any moment. Also, to achieve the quality of our products and services, each of our assets are equipped with latest technology-supported workstations, laptops and servers with an up-time up to 95% and more.

Happy-Go-Lucky Environment:

Akash Infotech has reached here all because of its assets and we appreciate their dedication, hard work and motivation towards fulfilling the company’s goals.

For this purpose, AI creates an environment for its assets to stay happy in any complex situation. We organize various seminars, meetings, contests, outings and parties to boosts their morale.

And, as a result, we have always observed some or the other kind innovation taking place at AI and for which we feel proud.

We understand how important is your business and to ensure you achieve better ROI on our services, we invests our time, efforts and resources right from your requirement specifications period.

Welcome to the AI family and rest assured of the cost effective and high quality IT services from our end.